The Antitrust Department at  Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. Law Firm has made its mark at all levels in the field, providing ongoing antitrust consulting to commercial companies and leading organizations in Israel.

The field of Antitrust has undergone a sea change in recent years against the backdrop of the creation of new rules of engagement, based on the legal and regulatory changes that occurred in the field.

A thorough knowledge of the area and the ability to provide clients with the most appropriate response in all matters relating to their conduct as companies in their own right, and as compared with other commercial companies and organizations, are among the main elements that distinguish the service of our Department.

The members of our team have considerable experience in Antitrust, among other things, writing opinions, representing clients in the Antitrust Tribunal, and working with the Antitrust Commissioner and the Israel Antitrust Authority, analyzing the antitrust status of the company and managing internal compliance programs in the field.