Commercial & Corporate Law

The Commercial Department team at law firm Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. provides services in a range of areas within the realm of corporate law, including accompanying the ongoing activity of corporations, accompanying and handling transactions, providing opinions on significant legal questions in the general commercial field and more.
The Commercial Department attorneys have wide-ranging knowledge and rich professional experience in all areas of law that interface with the commercial domain. The vast knowledge and experience they have accrued in these different fields allow them to assist the client not only in seeing the present, but also in gaining a vision of the future.

We believe that wise use of corporate law can assist in corporate stability. It enables the proper economic activity of the company, with emphasis on maintaining the fabric of relations between corporations, the market and human resources.
Within the context of the Department’s activity, the team accompanies companies and commercial entities, private and public, in conducting their ongoing operations, including the provision of ongoing legal counseling, supervision of proper management standards, and representation in all levels of courts, while paying constant attention to the most recent case law and relevant legislation.

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