Commercial Litigation

The Commercial Litigation Department at law firm Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. is one of the major and most prominent departments in the legal world.

The members of the Department have extensive experience when it comes to accompanying complex, large-scale, commercial disputes. They have considerable acumen in writing pleadings and other court documents, providing opinions and appearing before the courts, including the Rabbinical Court, the Supreme Court of Israel, and in alternative procedures for the settling of disputes.

The diverse areas of expertise at law firm Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. facilitate fruitful brainstorming in selecting the method for managing and accompanying disputes presented to them, with the ability to find creative and ‘outside the box’ solutions when needed.

The Department and its team members are regularly ranked at the top of the litigation list in national and international rankings. Among others, in the BDI ranking for 2014, the firm was ranked in the top tier of boutique firms in commercial litigation.